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Project 366

2012 has started (almost a month ago, I know) and with a new year there’s new, interesting projects. Some are still incubating in my mind or are being planned as I a write this (more on this in the near future), but others already alive and kicking.

Those who follow my social streams more closely may have noticed that I have a project running since the first day of the year: a project366 (in a regular year would be a project 365), taking a photo a day, every day of the year. I decided to repeat my 2009 project, but this time in slightly different terms, now the rules are:

  1. Only mobile photos! 2009’s project was taken with any camera I had, this year I’ll be making things a bit harder and only snapshots are allowed. This has already led me to funny situations where I have a couple of DSLR’s hanging on my shoulders but I’m taking a snapshot with my phone.
  2. This time won’t be available entirely on my Flickr account, what I learned from the 2009 project is that it adds too much noise to your photo stream. Since it’s a mobile driven project the perfect place for it is my snapshots photoblog at  Tumblr, you can find the project photos under the project366 tag. Some of its photos may end up at my Flickr photostream and I’m some blog posts with some of my favorite stuff of the project may appear on a non regular basis.

I honestly don’t know why it took me two years to repeat this, a photo project is a great way to add discipline to your photography and create a sense of mission, but probably Rita‘s last year project got me excited to repeat mine this year. I also be be doing some smaller sub-projects throughout the year, like weekly or monthly theme projects, Rita had the “Heart Friday” but that’s too girly for me.

Have you started or are about to start your own photo project for 2012? Share it here! My friend Nuno has started his own project at his G+ account.

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  • flicts

    What about a saturday kitten's project? :P É sempre bom ir seguindo uma disciplina e ver o número de fotos a aumentar é motivador.